bullet  As summer begins to give us that blessed heat, I’m working on finishing Love Under Two Wranglers. This is the love story of three characters that were introduced in Love Under Two Undercover Cops, and also brings us three more new characters: Jacqui Bethune, heroine Holly Bethune’s niece; and those bad boys you’ve heard about in Love Under Two Quarterbacks, and read about in Heather Rainier’s Awakening Veronica: Jesse and Barry Benedict.

Yes those bad boys from Montana have pulled up stakes and moved to Lusty. Did those revelations last Christmas knock some sense into their heads? That’s a question their brothers, Colt and Jackson, and their sister, Veronica, want answered. Heather and I are planning another cross-over, to be set in a Christmas time frame, for the end of this year. We’ll be announcing details on our respective Face Book pages.

Did you know that Cara Covington has her very own Facebook page? You can find a link to it on the “Links” page. I’ve had this question asked often enough, that I decided to include it, and the answer, right here. The question: Are there going to be more Lusty, Texas stories. The answer: As long as y’all keep reading ‘em, I’ll keep writing ‘em!





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